Across DWG Files – Features that apply to all TABs altogether (Including the Model which happens to be a Layout TAB too).

Across DWG Files -Applies to all TABs I

As a CAD Standard guy, I would recommend You to use features that apply to the all drawing Database with one click (rather than those that are limited to where you are when You execute the Command) Examples? Sure:

Across DWG Files
Across DWG Files

I love the Quick Select – If for instance, I’m after objects in Layer 0, quick select will search those only in the current Layout, so it might be a tedious job to quick Select if you have more than 2 Layouts (Model & Paper)…

If – for any reason – your Drawing has multiple layouts, each containing a Title Block, it might need to be edited one-by-one. Some of the Title Block Attributes should be Fields quoting data from a specific source but specific Layouts will have different Attribute values (Sheet subject, or Sheet number, for example)…

Across DWG Files -Applies to all TABs II

Find (or Find & Replace) is an across DWG feature dealing with all instances in a drawing file no matter where in the file: If for instance you have 3 different Attributes in 3 different Blocks and the dates are wrong in several places (in different layouts) Using Find & Replace All will fix all found to a new value in no-time no-sweat. Great. What else?

GATTE (Or Global Attribute Edit) one of the oldest in AutoCAD, will change attribute values globally (affecting all instances at once) Funny that this is so old – long before there were layouts in AutoCAD – and it works perfectly after all these years…the Interface looks odd & old but it works and saves a lot of work!!!

Fields quoting contents of a selected annotation in different places (Layouts), at different layers (Viewports) etc. Change only the source annotation and all the instances will quote annotations

Page Setup(s) when a bunch of layouts are connected to a specific  page setup, changing the page setup will affect all the layouts altogether.!!!

What about You, would You like to add some other ‘Across DWG Files Feature’?




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