AutoCAD Problems and Solutions

From Little to Big Problems to “AutoCAD crimes against humanity” – and now for the main Issue:

AutoCAD Problems and Solutions

AutoCAD Problems and Solutions
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External References (XREFs) Best Practices and the worst of Malpractices…

One of the most important issues in CAD Management in General and in the context of a proper CAD Standard in particular, is dealing with external references. Many years ago when the XREFs were introduced into AutoCAD, we were always saving disk space, disks were small and expensive. When the Internet became a commodity, wide bandwidth was super pricey. But during the last 5-10 years we witness and use accessible, cheap to freebie cloud storage, huge internal/external Hard Drives at most reasonable prices, new file servers that can host Multi-Terra-byte volumes and I guess most of us will agree that digital real estate prices have been constantly dropping and this is no more a problem.

Usually, Sheet Files are Managed through Versions and Revisions – as integrated terminology and naming conventions – while Reference Files are mostly using the same name between points in the project life-cycle.This sounds problematic because – as a CAD MANAGER I have no control and I can’t be sure that the right Reference file is Attached to the certain Sheet File.

External References (XREFs) – Crimes against humanity

Some CAD Users – not very bright, I must say – have discovered at some point that the Original Reference files – as attached to the Sheet File can be replaced via the PATH of the XREF by a completely different file. So, You think all the XREFs You see are those You are supposed to see? Think Again !!! Furthermore, If You don’t look very carefully, or if for some reason You work with a BAD CAD Standard or with none, it might be hidden in a heaped pile of Nested XREFs.

AutoCAD Solutions:

Not necessarily expenses but more like Investment: A Proper CAD Standard, a Standard environment and a minimal CAD Knowledge might save resources, minimize human error feasibility and release professional focus. Instead of solving Software Problems – All for the sake of Focusing on Design ! ! !

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  1. Mashal

    dear admin
    I am facing a problem which I can not edit the my cad setting from option. therefor from different way I had selected option setting but I could not change the setting as I required like changing selection option but the windows appear and telling like ( pleas enter an integer from 1 to 20000) so pleaser solve that problem.
    thanks in advance.
    Mashal Ayaz
    Structure Engineer

    • daniel korem

      You need to fix the number at the Options>DISPLAY TAB in the Display Resolution at the Upper right, left to Arc and circle smoothness – probably its 0 which is not allowed

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