Automatic AutoCAD  Part 1- An App being written as we speak.

As a CAD Manager, responsible for QA/QC of the CAD legacy of our project, I’ve been asked more than 13 months ago, If I would be needing any help. My answer was,”let me experience, learn-on-job and then ask for help – if needed”.

About a year later, I got my help. We hired D. We are developing an App which will automate my job, making it easier for the Sub-Designers as for me to complete any kind of submissions, CORs (Change Order Requests), RFIs (requests for Information) and so on and so forth.

Automatic AutoCAD – 1st thing 1st

Automatic AutoCAD - New CAD Standard Tool Set
Automatic AutoCAD – New CAD Standard Tool Set

I’m an “out-of-the-box” guy. Years ago I gave up on writing code and moved into procedures – mostly Tools
(w/in Tool Palettes). I’m a great believer in Standard CAD Environments that would create standard data in the 1st place. In this case I came when the design was reaching the end of the design phase and the timing is perfect now for moving to SHEET SETS based technology. In the meantime, I created a 4 stages procedure for conversion of Multi-Layout Sheet Files to Single Layout Sheet Files

1st, we need to get rid of the actual Title Block in all Layouts. Then, we are updating the exiting Text Styles, then we copy from the actual file name the Prefix for the next procedure – Layouts2Dwgs will turn existing files with several Layouts in them, to Multiple Single Layout Sheet Files using a Prefix according to the naming convention.

Finally, after attaching the new files’ single layouts as Sheets in a Sheet Set,  treating the Set Properties and the Sheet Properties, a new Title Block is inserted at each new file. Of Course, the App will do all the job but before it deals with this, ” Automatic AutoCAD – 1st thing 1st

Since the difference between Sheet Files and Reference Files has been part of the CAD Standard from the very beginning, the 1st thing to do would be Showing a  folder (w/ or w/out sub-folders), locate the Sheet Files and look for the status of all reference files – e.g. Attached/Resolved/referenced/loaded – properly inserted at location, properly scaled and rotated, inserted at the WCS only, etc.

Next Year (probably next week)  I’ll share w/You  Part 2 of Automatic AutoCAD.

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