The Best Annotation Practices I Know:
I confess, I hate typing. when I do type, I prefer to do so in a word processor and not in a CAD Software Program. For many years I did all in my power to avoid typing long annotations in AutoCAD, till one day…

I got exposed to the best annotation practices I know:

The best practice mixes the Tool Palettes and the Multileaders. Why?

Why Tool Palettes?

Because they will dictate all the following in any file on earth:

  • Standard Layer – If it doesn’t exist the Palette will create it with the Standard Properties
  • Standard Multileader Style – If the Style doesn’t exist, then the Palette will create it in the current drawing file.
  • Text Style – As part of the Multileader Style,the Text Style is a Managed component.
  • Text Height/Annotative Feature – In both cases, the Text Style is managed and predefined

Why Multileaders?

Unlike Text/Mtext, Multileader will not just operate the feature according to the layer, style, height etc. It will actually drag the TEXT (Previously Typed) into the drawing and also do all the other stuff as well. This means it behaves like a block…yet it has all the abilities that are part of the Multileader (You can always ask for a frame and or one or more leaders). You may want to make Your paragraph wider or narrower according to the place allocated and of course, a Multileader might be ANNOTATIVE so You can manage it differently in different Annotation Scales.

The Best Annotation Practices I Know
My Experiment…

What other Best Annotation Practices options are there?

I’ve been experimenting a lot and now I’m trying a Single Cell Table (Data Formatted Cell) with invisible borders. Since tables can be placed w/in Tool Palettes, it makes it interesting especially since Tables can react to Height and Width Dimensions and the Cell can be formatted to the last detail in means of Justification, Text Style, Text Height, Text Color and more. The downside of tables is that for now, they are more Paper Space Friendly than Model Space, since they have no Annotative Features.

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