CAD MGMT. Styles

Different CAD Managers have their personal approach towards CAD MGMT. Those can be classified in Old-School VS New-School CAD Standard approaching or, at different Generations of CS’s.
It’s my Hope & Belief, my CAD Standard is gonna be appealing to all the system end-users by making CAD much more fun, Less Focus Stealing, Easier and much Faster to obtain approvals of any uploaded CAD Data.

CAD MGMT. &  OLD Generations of CAD Standard(s)

In the past, everything was documented mainly as paperwork. Documents (mainly hard copies) were at every CAD USER’s Desk formulated as word-processing documents. Some were thinner, others were thicker, but they all had some things in common:

  1. The CAD Standard had no connection  whatsoever to the CAD Files or the CAD Software.
  2. It was very difficult to comply to the CAD Standard since compliance was the result of manual work, that was many times an addition to the DATA Creation. There was no Automation at all when trying to comply with the CAD Standard.
  3. Later, Autodesk introduced the AutoCAD CAD Standard Functionality. It was a small (R)evolution: A new CAD File Format (DWS- Stands for Drawing Standard) enabled comparison between the DWG and the DWS. AutoCAD’s CAD Standard Functionality checked 4 criteria: Dimension Styles, Layers, Linetypes & Text Styles.  All those are Plugins, what might be a clue for developers to introduce further Check-ups…


At 2017-2018, I believe that most of the CAD Standards components should be built in, into a standard environment in which every end-user has the privilege of creating standard data in the 1st place,
a-priori. This will let the CAD User, focus on the design and neglect CAD Standard Issues.


…A Standard Environment exists and consists in 2 major categories as the foundation of the CAD Standard:

  • A set of Tool Palettes that help CAD End-Users transition from use of AutoCAD Commands into the world of TOOLS. Using those will assist every user to create standard data in the 1st Place.
  • Templatizing files enabling the use of AutoCAD’s  Sheet Set Management: This will help differ between Sheet Files & Reference Files, create new sheets on the fly and then, offer Global Manipulations for Plotting & Publishing, Automatic Fill Up of Title Blocks, Automatic View Titles, Automatic Sheet List Tables, Automatic RESAVE ALL SHEETS and more…

As I said: “Big Challenge, Bigger Commitment, Biggest Devotion”  and should I add: “Better, Faster & Easier Results”


Danny Korem | Sophisticadd| “Distilling Exactly the CAD Knowledge of Your Needs”

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