Collaboration Design Platform (s) is it a must?
If it is a must, why isn’t everyone using one?

Non-managed Design Data or Collaboration Design Platform ?

Design – especially in AEC Projects – is achieved in the framework of a Design Team. The Design Team is not a perpetual establishment. Furthermore, the project is based on the design team yet the designer is not exclusively dedicated to this specific project.
That kind of framework includes Lead Designers (such as Architects & Structural Designers) and other design disciplines to follow the Lead Design.

Sharing Data is not an obvious matter.

Project Design is an on-going process that involves modifying the design to adapt to leaders’ design changes.
All this is usually achieved by Cross-Referencing.In AutoCAD’s case, XREFerencing.
The External Reference is a logical pointer that lets one AutoCAD Session look at someone else’s file as some kind of sophisticated background.
The big challenge is to always use the right version of all the files.
These files are referenced differently at each Designer’s. This demands sharing data in an organized and systematic fashion.
All alternatives might lead to chaotic results.


Collaboration Design Platform

What are the most common features in a Collaboration Design Platform?

First thing first, a Collaboration Design Platform would be a common virtual (Cloudy) place for uploading and downloading the current design status documents. The thing is that you might upload/download or check-in/check-out according to whether you are the owner of the design file or in the case you’re using it as a background for your own file.

Then, We’ll be needing a Notification System that is going to tell everybody about the fact that the modified version they’ve been waiting for, is ready to use (or be downloaded)

Since someone is gonna manage/administrate all this traffic, We’ll need a Log Report System for QA/QC.

The same mechanism can be utilized to search for another version of the file. – Filenames could be identical, but those will reside in a different location according to the design status.

We could enjoy some additional features as, for instance, the drawing compare options (showing additions, removals and modified objects by the use of colors). An Advanced search feature would be great and of course, the best User Experience and User Interface.

User experience an Interface should be as intuitive as possible, making it transparent to the end user

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