Documenting Workflows is some User/Super-User Act of KNOWLEDGE Management without the Rocket Science involved with Managing Knowledge. A 24/7 Accessible Workflow in the Private Section of a Cloud has been my favorite since Project Praxis by Autodesk has been released.

Documenting Workflows – THE CALL:

A few weeks ago I got a phone call from G. He was worried since one Video File operated from his Cloud Workflow could not be watched. I a few minutes I solved the problem and asked for the urgency I could detect in his voice:

“Today, a new employee is starting her 1st day and I need her to follow the Documented Workflows and procedures” – He explained. After she has been provided with that knowledge, It’s my intent to get her working on a new project, following the workflow implementations.”  – He added: “Can you remind me how I can check how many times the videos are being watched?”

I gave G. all the answers and felt very good about what I have built for him.

Documenting Workflows


A few months ago, Scott from the Autodesk Labs commented on an e-Learning post of mine published in LinkedIn, telling me to follow his publications since Project Praxis was about to be released. Scotts knows me for being an early adaptor.

I use those to create online syllabi for online training. I find this very simple, intuitive and straightforward. The greatest thing is the ability to update the workflows from time to time, change the order when needed, deepen when it becomes actual and more.

Documenting Tools in a Standard Environment

If Project Praxis is so good for Knowledge Management Through Documenting Workflows, I found that Videos within Tool Palettes are a great way to share knowledge on using different tools. Tools are Managed Commands in which we can Build-In a CAD Standard in the context of data creation within the tools so all data being created is standard in the 1st Place and by default. I use short videos for showing How-To, Best Practices and Troubleshooting. Placing the Short Video Buttons by the tools is intuitive, can be used for a new user or one that used the tool long ago and forgot how to use it.

What about You? Do you document your Workflows & Procedures? PLS Comment/Share/Like/Stay Tuned

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