AutoCAD Profile –

The Problem:

″Every Single CAD Manager Will have a completely different approach on AutoCAD Profile Issues…”

Some guy told me he that when the CAD Standard he had designed was ready for deployment, he would physically meet the END-USER by his/her machine and create a Profile. This can be very much expensive, time consuming and in other cases totally impossible.

I’m not talking about remote-control of the specific machine to overcome all those  dimensional overheads: I’m referring to the fact that if the PROFILE FUNCTIONALITY is too Poor, we CAD MGR’s should adopt another solution. I prefer out-of-the-box solutions as procedures rather than complicated code writing, Specific Deployment based installations and so on…

AutoCAD Profile
Alternative to Profile or Profile Complementary?

AutoCAD Profile- the Solution:

All the Variables, Collections of Settings and much more are all kept in a very well structured order in the Profile’s Framework – Each and every Profile Subset can be Exported to create a *.reg File, that can be copied to any machine and double-Clicked to affect the machine’s Windows Registry.

In Theory, many Profiles can be created and the destination of the source reg file will be exactly as the original in which it’s been created.


AutoCAD Profile- the Solution:
Click to enlarge – to have a look at the Profile Subsets

AutoCAD Profile- The Registry Restriction:

I’ve not dealt with it but yet, I would not opt for double clicking the reg file at a machine with an earlier version of AutoCAD.

AutoCAD Profile – Last week

I made an experiment at a new machine -sharing my monitors, keyboard and Mouse – I made a quick setup (mainly entering my user at the same network) and then double clicking on the REG File.

Identical AutoCADs were setup at a mouse double click…The Alternative would take at least a lost Working Hour…!!!

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