Forbidden Human Experiments . . . ?

Not necessarily!!!

Read about the unbelievable results of the experiment (and maybe “The ends justify the means…”) as performed at the 2nd Session in a Physical Classroom AutoCAD for Beginners Training Course:

It’s no secret I love teaching; It all seems very natural, I love the energy in the classroom both if in a physical or in a virtual one.

Forbidden Human Experiments
Forbidden Human Experiments

Forbidden Human Experiments – What, When & How?

One of the reasons I love it so much, is that I never stop experimenting with humans, trying all the time to shorten, distill, focus on best practices, minimize and get the best results possible per time unit.
Last time I conducted a physical classroom training course, I marched the extra-mile:

It was in the 2nd session of an AutoCAD for Beginners Training Course…
The students were sitting in front of an AutoCAD Clean-Screen session with Tool Palettes Only User interface. They created a drawing (Using a file with a Specific Point Marked for Starting). They got the Drawing with its dimensions and objects on their 2nd screen(s). At the end of the day, I showed the fantastic results of the weird experiment…I must admit, it was surprising for me too:

Forbidden Human Experiments Results

I took my own drawing and attached to it all the 20 drawing files as collected from all the students as external references. The Precision was of more than 90%. The deviations were minimal. 90%+  Precision achieved by a bunch of beginners at their 2nd encounter ever with AutoCAD!!!

I found all this amazing and then, when the students had to move back to the standard profile and work-space, they immediately started appreciating the benefits of the Clean Screen, the Benefits of Tools Vs. Commands, the  “uptime” of Tool Palettes, etc.

I found it proper and I do not judge myself as if committing a crime against humanity. Instead, I hope that people who experience my training do not just remember some feature’s options but understand the importance of the very best of AutoCAD…and the ways to obtain it.


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