Automation Vs Human Error Feasibility.
Ever since I moved from the drawing boards to Computer Aided Design (&/or Drafting), it immediately became my belief:

Automation should be utilized to minimize Human Error Feasibility!!!

Actually, there is no other way to justify the huge investments we have all made – at least a way that makes any sense:
My 1st PC costed me more than $10,000.
In the first Architectural Firm I worked at, after  graduating, 2-3 seats of a mini-computer sharing 1 CPU and a single Hard Drive. were about half a million. $500,000 for 2 disk less Terminals (Monochrome 14″ Displays, a Keyboard and a special mouse + 1 mini-computer that was as little as a washing machine and as heavy as a Safe.
I guess the processing power we all carry in our pockets these days is huge or gigantic in comparison
(Not Considering the Capacity of our Smartphones – @ up to $1K in terms of Memory).

So, the last decades, I’ve been trying (hard) to justify my fees that are always an Added Value (Literally speaking).

Human Error Feasibility

Automation at the service of Minimizing Human Error Feasibility

During the last 3 months I’ve been monitoring and validating hundreds of CAD Files.
I found the spots where Human Error was Feasible. I started to scratch my head and think how to approach these spots.

Please, let me share one of those spots with You so You can Judge my approach and maybe give me some feedback…

In the Naming Convention Section of the CAD Standard I inherited, there is a very severe definition in the Name of the Sheet Files.
Along the Name we can notice the Designers’ Firm as well as the Design Discipline, the Design Status, the specific location (within the project) and more…in the file name, You can find the VERSION, the REVISION and the Drawing Scale. This is OK, it’s a fact and it works! but the little spot is still there:

In the Sheet’s Title block there is a Circle for the Version #, a Triangle for the Revision (with the Revision Date underneath) and 2 Places were Vertical & Horizontal Scales are Stated. So, If a New Version is made or a new Revision is Published, Changing those will create the Human Error of not Renaming the Drawing File name mismatching and creating the chaotic.

Automating the Version and Revision Numbers as well as the Scale all from the Filename will fight and win:
This minimizes Human Error Feasibility Big Time!


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