New CAD Standard Transition, what to consider? Is it a Challenge or a no-brainer, and for whom? Is it minimizing human error feasibility?

New CAD Standard Transition, is it a challenge or a headache, and for whom?

A good set of improvements and one that minimizes human-error feasibility, sure are refreshing. But -they are -only if they are a no-brainer for the designers – no matter how hard it is for the CAD Manager!!

My first New CAD Standard Transition – 1st a severe Headache and then – A great Challenge.

The year was 2008. The platform was AutoCAD MAP 2005. I joined T – a multidisciplinary design firm working both nationally and overseas. I had some 150 CAD Users in 3 local branches and 2 dozens all over the globe. All AutoCAD licenses were supplied from our headquarters.

The day I joined T as its CAD MGR, was a intense day in which I met all the designers working at the headquarters and it took 2 weeks till I met the others in 2 other cities. Of course, It took a few months till I met them all. But at the end of my 1st day, the IT Manager, gave me a disk in which there was an installer for a CAD Checker developed by the biggest local client. The Software program was problematic and the IT Manager told me he had problems when trying to install it. I tried myself, in 10 cases in which I got successful only twice and I had no clue about when the setup would success and when it would fail.

To make a long story short, after meeting with the referents at the client’s I came to the conclusion that if there is a CAD Standard to comply to, it is nothing less than a great opportunity. I recruited a programmer (part time) only after I finished characterizing.

New CAD Standard Transition
The Shorter the Better!

I made the Client a “Partner” of my new venture and asked him for his Logo. I created a presentation and showed the New Program as it would function in a few weeks time. We reached an understanding and agreed that if both the Checkers, the client’s and ours will report similar, they will use our program to check on our drawings. Since I found it very logical, I took advantage of this “once in a lifetime” opportunity to make the platform – the whole company’s CAD Standard Checker creating disciplinary Standard modules all to be checked by the same platform.

My attitude in New CAD Standard Transitions

I met a challenge – actually I needed a way out of something dictated by the Client that made no sense to me whatsoever: Those guys insisted that each Sheet File Submitted will come with a CTB file of the same name. When I got some tech support calls, I understood the problem – there were thousands of CTBs in the Server and all of them were similar or identical. So, we created an automated procedure to eTransmit the Sheet File, with the Attached XREFs, fonts included and most important a CTB renamed to fit the Sheet NAME and then removed from the server so most designers had one CTB in their list and being part of the PAgwe Setup, they could just forget about it.

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