No CAD Manager CAD Management

Can CAD be managed by no CAD Manager? Is that possible? If it is, how come?
No CAD Manager CAD Management ? Yes, most likely. If You’re reading this post, it might help you change your perspective…

The Philosophy of ‘the No CAD Manager CAD Management’:

What if I could deliver a “standard environment” with which the data creation and editing outputs will be always  standard compliant?

Automatic AutoCAD – New CAD Standard Tool Set

No CAD Manager CAD Management

There are 2 kinds of AutoCAD environments:

  • The productive environment – Data creation and editing.
    Massive use of Tools1 and minimal use of AutoCAD Commands,
    layers, styles and file & system variables.
  • The non-productive environment – style management, layer management, etc. These parts of the CAD environment do not create any data whatsoever yet, they are great time consumers. Furthermore, in this environment human-error is more feasible.

The real Thing – (CAD) Standard Environment 5G

Create Data through Tools1 including properties as layer, style, etc. which cannot be accessed by the user of a specific AutoCAD Profile.

For instance, having no access to the layer properties manager (or the older –layer command), no layer can be modified, no layer name altered, no layer property changed, etc.

No access to block definitions, block editor, etc.

Perpetual reset of the SysVarMonitor while saving and/or closing the file. For instance the snap is always being reset while creating/editing line-work to provide precise and accurate line-work.

The Role of AutoCAD 1Tools in ‘No CAD Manager CAD Management’

Unlike commands, tools are totally managed. A tool might insert a block in a certain manner, into a predefined layer, play a video file, or execute a procedure.

When we refer to procedures, we mean run a macro, an external program, use an App, etc.
Since tools are designed in a fashion that works, they will always react as expected.

That means minimizing human error feasibility, creating the missing link  – when needed – and furthermore, tools are faster, easier and much more productive than any alternative; and yes, tools are AutoCAD Native.

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