Noticeable CAD Standard Feature ?

One of the most noticeable CAD Standard characteristics are the Sheets as governed by AutoCAD’s Sheet Sets. Great functionality and mostly “white collar” work. While using Sheet Sets, every paper related task is neglected: Plotting\Publishing\Archiving\Dynamic Sheet Lists\Global Project Saving and more & Title Block Fill-Ups those turn into Automated-Standard & Most Productive.

the most noticeable CAD Standard Feature
the most noticeable CAD Standard Feature

Noticeable CAD Standard Feature – The Problem – Low Popularity

Sheet Sets have been here since 2004 yet their popularity is rather low – You don’t have to be a genius to guess why: Low Popularity might be strongly linked to a poor GUI & UX (Graphic User Interface & User Experience). Documentation doesn’t exactly help and The Help Files are not explicit enough. Yet, the functionality is so great I guess we must pick up the gauntlet and adopt Sheet Sets via Sheet Set Templates & Sheet Creation

What’s the most noticeable CAD Standard Feature?

What’s the most noticeable CAD Standard Feature?

Noticeable CAD Standard Feature – The Solution: High Accessibility

What if We created all this Functionality for You?
What if You Could Enjoy all the advantages without messing up with the templatizing?

The Benefits (for You) of Sheet Sets (The Most Noticeable CAD Standard Feature)

Besides the Standard Text Style(s) Text Height and formatting of all your Title Blocks and Sheets, you’ll get:

  • Automatic title-block Fill up according to the Sheet Set Properties & Sheet Properties
  • Subset automatic Sheet Creation Formats (Sheet Dimensions) – A new sheet will cost you 90 seconds
  • Right-Click Plotting/Publishing of the whole Set, a predefined sheet selection
  • A dynamic Sheet List with all the columns you want
  • Flexible terminology (optional different Sheet & File Names)
  • Optional Selection of Included for Publishing (YES/NO) Sheets
  • Right-Click Publishing/eTransmittal/Archiving/Save all Sheets
  • Model View Mechanism differing Sheet Files from Reference Files by Automatic External Referencing
  • Project Management from a single Control Point including basic Revision Management
  • Convenient Project Navigation, Anti-Critical & Catastrophic Human Error (A specific Sheet can blong only to a specific Sheet Set [PROJECT]
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Much More

The Next Step

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