My Personal Tool Palette

Whenever I need to fix many dwg files, I use a special Tool Set (a Special and very Personal Tool Palette) I created for myself: A few Clicks will do the magic –

This is a very personal Tool Palette

  1. Move all attached DWGs (XREFs) to a predefined CAD STANDARD Compliant Layer. One Click will select all XREFs attached and resolved in a drawing file and place all at a specific layer. Of course only Your experience and imagination will create a demand for enhancing the tool – For example – all XREFs will automagically move to the 0,0 Insertion Point, all will be Scaled X=Y=1 and all will share the 0 degrees rotation angle…
  2. Move all Title-Blocks at all Layouts to the CAD STANDARD Compliant Layer. Selection across different Layouts is not a native AutoCAD Command so, it’s very useful!
  3. One Single Click and all the Unreconciled New Layers get reconciled. This is essential before publishing &/or Plotting. Ignoring it, might return as a “BOOMERANG Effect”
  4. If You want to delete a specific Block from all it appearances an a file (for instance if inserted at different Layouts),using this tool, You will select the Block by clicking on it and the Tool will select all the Block Insertions across all Layouts – The Tool Could be used for deletion/Block Replacement.
  5. Text Style Updating Icon will change all Text Style Fonts to comply with the CAD Standard.

    My Personal Tool Palette
    My Personal Tool Palette
  6. My Favorite: Insert a New Title Block after the old one(s) deletion. Places the New Title Block @ certain location, in the proper Layer (or creates the Layer if has been purged)
  7. In this Version of our CAD Standard We are splitting the Files containing multiple Layouts into several Single Layout Sheet Files and then create a Sheet Set. Once the Sheet Set has been created, The New Title Block will quote all Properties directly into the Title Block.
    The Tool Splits the original file creating a number of files (as the number of Layouts) using the File Name as a Prefix for all the New Files.
  8. Rename a Block by click selection – Only state the New Name and you are done!
  9. Replace Block by click + opt for the Standard Layer (only in case the the replaced Block was not at the right layer in the 1st place).
  10. Reflect LINETYPES properly in a sheet file and/or in a reference rile – This Tool makes it easier to flow with non-continuous Lines for the Best results.

In a few weeks I”ll be conducting a Masterclass on this, PLS Comment/Like/Share



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