Probably Unknown AutoCAD Facts :

  1. Layer Management is no longer the exclusive way to View or Hide Objects  –  Since we have ISOLATE OBJECT Functionality it was a matter of time till we got this Precious System Variable called OBJECTISOLATIONMODE which will offer Hidden Objects to be kept hidden accross drawing sessions. – If Properly Used, it’s a great option!!!
  2. XREFREGAPPCTL (System Variable) [BRAND NEW 4 2018]: Controls whether the registered application (RegApp) records stored in an xref being loaded are copied to the host drawing. Change to 0′ = Recommended!

    Probably Unknown AutoCAD Facts
  3. Getting ready – The Future is Here: ONLINESYNCTIME (System Variable): Controls the time interval for synchronizing current customization settings with Autodesk A360.
  4. PAPERUPDATE (System Variable):Probably Unknown AutoCAD Facts

    Probably Unknown AutoCAD Facts

  5. PDFIMPORTFILTER (System Variable) – Since 2018 is the 2nd Version to convert PDF into AutoCAD Objects…PDFIMPORTERFILTER Controls what types of data are imported from a PDF file and converted to AutoCAD objects.

    MORE – Probably Unknown AutoCAD Facts

  6. This one is a beloved system variable: PEDITACCEPT (System Variable):Automatically converts selected objects into polylines without a prompt when using PEDIT. Recommended Value 1
  7. If You Use Transparency, but you forgot to specify PLOT TRANSPARENCY in your Plot or Page Setup Dialog Box, You can use this System Variable called PLOTTRANSPARENCYOVERRIDE set the value to 2 and… Plots object transparency
  8. The RECOVERAUTO (System Variable) – if set to 1 will Automatically attempt to recover a file if it is damaged – corrupted.. etc.
  9. For those working with Annotative Features, the SELECTIONANNODISPLAY (System Variable) – Controls whether alternate scale representations are temporarily displayed in a dimmed state when an annotative object is selected.
  10. Select Similar is a great Selection Set Creation Method but if You need to sharpen it…the SELECTSIMILARMODE (System Variable) – Controls which properties must match for an object of the same type to be selected with SELECTSIMILAR. Being  a Bitcode, it uses the sum of values for instance, 1=Object type and 2=Layer so a value of 3 will combine the bothe when selecting…Initial Value is recommended = 130
  11. LTGAPSELECTION (System Variable) id Turned on (1) it will let you select or snap to the gaps on objects defined with non-continuous linetype.
  12. Finally for this post, XREFOVERRIDE (system Variable) will let you control Non-ByLayer Objects within XREF Attachments to behave properly when XREF Layers should be changed or grayed out

Probably Unknown AutoCAD Facts – A Secret from my desktop(s):

While creating a new Standard Environment, I’ll go to the SysVarMonitor, Pay a VISIT to the Unknown and Select Carefully (Mostly by Clicking on Question Marks and getting some Help) – When I Understand the difference between 2 Environments needs better control, I’ll explore deeper…

and What about You, Were You Familiar with all those? or …were these ” Probably Unknown AutoCAD Facts “?




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