Saving AutoCAD Settings

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Saving AutoCAD Settings – an attempt to make it clearer once and for all

There are different Settings saved in different places. It’s this post intention to make it very clear:

Saving AutoCAD Settings – The PROFILE.

The profile is saved to the Windows Registry. It includes all the settings selected (or deafult) accessible through AutoCAD OPTIONS.

Saving AutoCAD Settings - PROFILE.

The next time You Visit the OPTIONS Dialog Box, go to the PROFILE Tab. If the Profile is the <<Unnamed Profile>>, You should consider, Add to List…and then making it your current Profile. All the File paths, system variables, and all parameters that are saved to The WINDOWS REGISTRY, are at the domain of the Profile. A Profile is a useful way to distribute to a workgroup creating specific data in a specific Project.


Saving AutoCAD Settings

Saving AutoCAD Settings - WORKSPACE(s).

Saving AutoCAD Settings – The Workspace.

A Second part of the settings – Directly connected to the Display – is the Workspace. It keeps track of your AutoCAD Display, How is your AutoCAD Screen Organized, which TABS & Panels are included, what is the position and length of your command Line, which Palettes are Displayed (and/or Auto-hidden). All combinations possible can be saved as a personal workspace. The WORKSPACES are saved in the ACAD.CUIX File and therefore, distributing the CUIX file can be used to distribute the workspaces among CAD USERS. Any changes You make to the Workspace, can be Saved or Unsaved as seen in the screenshot to the left.

You can Save the Workspace As Using a new name or an existing one (overriding the old one with the same name)


You can use your private place at A360 to sync your AutoCAD Settings:


Saving AutoCAD Settings - USING THE Cloud

Among those, this will SYNC your Saved OPTIONS, CUIX Files, Printer Support Files, Tool Palettes and Templates…and all this is for free… Many people doubt about it but in some cases, this is irreplaceable: Get a new laptop from the store, go to , type your Autodesk ID, Download Your Software and then Sync your Settings. One thing is for sure: It will take less than any alternative. You’ll get ready in no-time to keep working

HOPE this make it less confusing to all AutoCAD Users.


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