Fields are very COOL! They are available in a variety of features such as Texts &/or Mtexts, Attributes w/in Blocks, Multileaders and Table Cells…
Even Dimension texts ( If double-clicked and then right-clicked)…


Fields (dynamically) quote data units from within different places: It might be a DATE from the computer’s clock, the Length of a Line or a Polyline (Perimeter), or practically, any User Defined Idea can be implemented in such a fashion, that Every  time You SAVE / REGEN / PLOT ,will make it  – not just Update –  but also, reflect whatever changed so it’s visible on screen.

FIELDS "wear" a Grey Background
FIELDS “wear” a Grey Background

FIELDS “wear” a Grey Background

By default, Fields are recognized by their (on-screen only) grey background. This background, of course, won’t plot.

but there are some Field Options that I would not necessarily miss if they weren’t there…For Instance:

The FIELDEVAL System Variable, which is a bitcode – If the Value is set to any but 31…


If the Value of FIELDEVAL is set to any value, but 31…

While publishing several Layouts from some files, I experienced  Field Malfunctions at the Layout Numbers which were all identical!. The Publish Option did not update all the fields before execution!
The Value, was 16 instead of 31!
So be careful while You use the Field(s)!!!

The FIELD Workflow

While in an Annotation Feature (as Text/Mtext/Multileader/Attribute Definition/Table Cell) You can Right Click and opt for Insert Field…Then, the Field Dialog Box will appear. At this time You 1st Select The Field Category which might be Date & Time, Document, Other, Sheet Set, or else.

According to your selection, a Specific list of Field Names will be displayed so you can select one and at the Top Right a Preview of the Field is going to be displayed…

This is very cool! in any case the value changes, the field is going to quote this in the drawing…so many times you can forget about updating and pass the responsibility to the software to do the Job.

You Just Need to Supervise that.

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