Stylish picks , May your Picks be always Stylish!!!

The most stylish picks are connected to  the most STYLISH System Variable in AutoCAD: PICKSTYLE …..Yeahhhh..!!….!.!..!!!

During the years, Autodesk started to supply more and more contextual ribbons. Those are Ribbons that respond to certain Object(s) Selection and Usually serve as both DATA Creation and Editing Tools in a single point of design. Though being so conservative and so committed to Drawing Legacy, Autodesk finally decided that it was time for Classic-Retro-Toolbar-based Workspaces to become obsolete. This happened at 2015. It’s my belief that Ribbons & Panels look more modern, comfortable and effective but many users were looking for a way to keep working with Toolbars, Retro, Classic Workspaces from the past, many were ignoring the fact that someone decided it was obsolete!!!

The most stylish picks – the contextual ribbons in general and the hatch ribbon in particular…

If you use a workspace like Drafting & Annotation, and You click on the Hatch Icon, You’ll notice that the Home TAB (from where You clicked on the Icon) Is Immediately replaced by the HATCH CREATION Ribbon. The bottom line of this post deals more with the Contextual Ribbon that will respond to the Hatch Object Selection:

By clicking on a Hatch Object you might (or not) get access to the HATCH EDITOR Contextual Ribbon which will offer all kind of modifications on the Hatch Selected: You might like to change the Scale, the Pattern, you’ll be able to Add or Remove enclosed areas, turn the Hatch to be Annotative or even cancel its Associative Feature. All these just because You selected it. And since everything is interactive you might at the end, opt to Close the Editor to keep all you’ve done.

The most stylish picks are connected to the most STYLISH System Variable in AutoCAD: PICKSTYLE
The most stylish picks are connected to the most STYLISH System Variable in AutoCAD: PICKSTYLE

This option as described above, is totally dependent on the Values of the PICKSTYLE System Variable. Actually, Pickstyle=0 wiil get access to the Hatch Editor if a Hatch Object is selected and so will PICKSTYLE=1

PICKSTYLE =2 or =3 – Won’t – Because of the Following:


According to what your needs are, you might want to keep the SYSVAR VALUE and still get access to the Hatch Editor. This can be achieved by getting rid of the geometry around and then opt for the generate boundary, or by using the quick select option within the group selection to isolate the hatch object from within the group…

PICKSTYLE HATCH from Sophisticadd on Vimeo.

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