Are TOOLS much better than Commands and if so, why?

Tools – If properly replacing Commands will let the END-USER create a-priori – by default – in the 1st place – CAD STANDARD compliant DATA.

What would happen if You could stop messing with Layers, Text Styles, Dimension Styles, Multileader & Table Styles altogether?What if one click will take care of many tasks that can  practically and totally be neglected?

 TOOLS much better than CommandsICON WITH TEXT VIEW OPTION

Are TOOLS much better than Commands ?

I’m in the middle of creating a few dozens of Tool Palettes and a few hundreds of TOOLS and can share some facts:

  1. Most Tools are created in seconds by just dragging Features and Contents from the screen into a Tool Palette.
  2. If needed, open you CUI (Customize User Interface) for the list of AutoCAD Commands and drag any command into a Palette, Customize the Command accordingly and you’re ready.
  3. You can also create Tools by using the Browse option to point at any accessible file in the world to be accessed through the new Tool
  4. You can Select a Bunch of Tools, Access their common Properties to Edit those accordingly and save lots of time.
  5. The most important part is to focus at the CAD USER, how comfortable is it to locate the tool, use it, etc?
  6. Personally I switch between View Options that best fit a specific Palette – for instance, if I drag a Polyline to a Palette for Linework Creation at a specific Layer, I would probably use the List View Option so a Long Layer Name will appear in a complete fashion. Furthermore, Lists should  alphabetically  ordered so You could Locate it easily and then again, Use the Text and Separator options to make it even more accessible.
  7. I don’t like Tool Palettes in which the END User should scroll up and down to find what he/she is looking for.

In A few days, when I’m done I’m going to distribute all those palettes to the respective designers and I’ll report to You!

Danny Korem | Sophisticadd | “Distilling Exactly the CAD Knowledge of Your Needs” | TOOLS much better than Commands


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