Transitioning to Single Layout Sheet Files

In the middle of a project, transitioning to Single Layout Sheet Files ?

YES. Definitely!

You could think that a project that has been Checked and Rechecked  (CAD Standard Wise),  has been Submitted and Resubmitted will be in Great Shape.
You certainly could but, as long as versions and revisions keep coming, the files get heavier, stickier, and slower to move from a current viewport to another…

Single Layout Sheet Files
Transition to Single Layout Sheet Files ? Yes, Definitely!

If moving to Single Layout Sheet Files, it is but NATURAL to exploit AutoCAD’s Sheet Set Management, isn’t it?

YES. Definitely!

There are many reasons why this is to be seriously considered:

  1. Sheet Set Manager’s Built-in Model Views option is much more efficient than External Referencing: No Need to Mess with XREF Layers, Annotation Scale(s), UCS(s) and more. The View Selected has High Fidelity Statuses and comes in the Shape of a Viewport – all with a single “PLACE ON SHEET” right-click option.
  2. When creating the linkage between Title Block Attributes and Sheet Set Fields, You’ll notice that most Title Block Deal with Project Properties (Set Props) and a minority, deal with unique Sheet Properties. Anyways, the Title Block is always quoting Set and Sheet Properties.
  3. I focus on the most important (Top-Down Priorities) and therefor, Minimizing Human Error Feasibility is most important –
    1. The Sheet Set Manager won’t let attach a Sheet that is already part of a Sheet Set to another one.
    2. The efficiency is better than any alternative: A new sheet is created in 90 seconds.(up to 3 minutes tops) but most important, is the fact that the New Sheet will be CAD Standard Compliant a-priori  using a sheet creation template.
    3. The Global manipulation offers: a Sheet list Table (anywhere at the project  hierarchy tree), Publishing Selected Sheets, or a Subset or an Entire Set, Resaving all sheets, eTransmitting, Archiving and more.




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